Terms & Conditions

We want to make this experience as smooth as possible for our customers; however, the following needs to be understood. By making use of our storage facilities the user enters into legal binding between themselves and Hanover Mini-Storage with total acceptance of the following conditions. A PDF copy of this document can be found here.


User is responsible to keep account information current. Please contact our office during business hours to update any change of address, phone numbers and/or credit card information.
User is responsible for own Contents Insurance. Owner is not responsible for loss of/or damage to contents, whether caused by acts or omissions of owner, his agents, employees or others.
User agrees to indemnify the owner from any claims, damages or actions of any kind arising from use of premises.
No food or seed (which may attract mice), toxic or flammable materials may be stored. Appliances, vehicles and other motorized equipment must have no fluid leaks, battery disconnected, and must have a plastic sheet placed underneath. User is responsible for damage to unit caused by stored items.
No alterations, additions or bypassing of lights or switches is permitted.
Access to buildings during winter months may be slippery and restricted at times due to excess snow or ice conditions. Laneways are plowed during regular business hours only - excluding holidays. User must anticipate the need to shovel in front of their own unit where the snowplow cannot reach.
No items or garbage is to be left outside of the unit unattended at any time.

Financial Commitments

Rent MUST be received by the 1ˢᵗ of each month to avoid Late Fee. User is responsible to ensure that payment is made on time.
Your rental payment will be automatically processed on your VISA / MasterCard if usual alternative payment has not been received by the 1ˢᵗ.
Rent is payable by cash, cheque, Debit, VISA or MasterCard. We can hold post-dated cheques for upcoming rent to help avoid the late fee. Please note: We do NOT send out monthly invoices.
$25.00 Late Fee per unit will be charged for payments received after the 1ˢᵗ and any credit card transaction attempts that are unsuccessful. $20.00 fee will be charged for cheques returned by bank PLUS late fee.
First part month only is pro-rated. No rebate is issued on unused portion of last month.
Security Deposit is NOT the last month’s rent. It will be held until unit has been emptied and swept out by user and any outstanding payments have cleared. Security Deposit will be refunded to credit card or by cheque depending on original method of payment.
Owner maintains right to change rates to fees as necessary

Overdue Accounts/Liquidation Procedure

Unit will be double locked and access denied if account is not paid when due. Late Fee charged.
Day 15 - Reminder notice will be sent to current address on file.
Day 30 - Registered letter of Final Notice sent to current address on file
Day 61 - Contents shall be considered abandoned and will be sold without further notice, in accordance with the Repair & Storage Liens Act
Please note the following:

Failure to provide us with current mailing address may result in being unaware of loss of contents.
Removal of manager’s padlocks is permitted by rental manager ONLY after payment has cleared.
Unauthorized removal of our locks constitutes “break and enter” and will be reported as such to local authorities. Additional charges will apply for replacement of manager’s padlocks and damage

Moving Out

Your paid rent covers you to the end of the month.
Two weeks of notice is required prior to moving out
Vacated units must be swept out and ALL contents and garbage removed by user. A minimum of $25.00 will be deducted from deposit if unit is not cleaned out properly. (Brooms are available for use from rental office during regular office hours.)